Saturday, February 23, 2008


You wouldn't believe the amount of work I can avoid creating lists of things. Enjoy!
1. Prince Fielder - Part of me (the part my dad raised) wants to crack a joke about the wide availability of excellent faux-chicken options now available to vegetarians, but i'm going to take the high road here and not deal in ugly stereotypes. Prince is claiming to feel better and have more energy now that he quit eating meat. 62 bombs out of the question this season?

"It's Korean for "I hate my Dad""
2. 11 year old boys - I guess all it takes to sink Roger Clemens' Scrabbleship is photographic evidence he attended a party thrown by Jose Canseco. Nice circle you ran with Rodge, did you spend winters in Columbia with Rick James?
3. Tiger Woods - I don't claim to know or care about golf, but this guy wakes up next to a woman that is both crazy hot and would have Hitler nod approvingly at, and shits birdies.
4. The Combine - If the whole "football" thing doesn't work out, NFL hopefuls can probably just set up shop in Indianapolis and settle for a dead-end manufacturing position and an overweight wife. 
5. Trading - All the movement in the NBA this week has me almost excited enough to watch a game! Almost...