Friday, February 15, 2008


An excuse for me to list things and make fun of them anyone? Read on...

1. Purple Jesus - Who would've thought that the second coming of Christ would wear horns? My only concern is awarding a black man a Cadillac for athletic achievement. Way to set the African American community back 50 years with a single thoughtless action, NFL.

When is the "Nubian Powerhouse" Christ statuette going to be available?
2. Pitchers/Catchers - All innuendo aside, with the state of the NBA today, i'm really pumped for both pitching AND catching.
3. Ryan Dempster - Boldly stated this week that the Cubs will break the 100 year World Series drought. This coming from the guy who's fans, IN CHICAGO mind you, refer to him as the "Cum Dempster". 
4. Devean George - Way to pull the ultimate cock block on the Kidd/Cuban circle jerk. What's this guys encore? A dramatic recreation of the Jason Kidd domestic abuse incident with the New Jersey Dramatic Player's Troupe, broadcast on Dallas public access?
5. President's day - Is this celebrating all Presidents? Or just the obviously racist/masoginistic models who are fluffed by patriotic history buffs? Either way who cares, I get the day off.