Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The force is strong with this one...

So Doug Melvin is the Vader to Ned Yost's Captain Atilles?

This is really on right now. Really.

WTF? This season has gone from embarrassing to nerd level embarrassing. What's the encore from this team? An atomic wedgie and a swirlie? I feel like we just got our books dumped in the hallway of the MLB regular season, just a few short steps away from the glory of the post-season.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ah, Expectation Day!

Holy fuck. NFL Kick-Off '08 is finally here bitches! To commemorate this glorious day the NFL has a real treat in store for us. Usher, Keith Urban, and Natasha Blendingsomething are set to give a real shot of life to the crowd of thousands at Columbus Circle. If you can't make it to NY be sure to check out the action on That is if you can get past the Forbidden Kingdom DVD commercial and watching Bill Cowher blubbering about his daughter's reaction to his Super Bowl victory. Let the perennial NFL commercialization juggernaut begin.

By the way, the NFL has a list of local establishments you can watch the opener at. If these people can't find anything better to in New York than watch Usher and Keith Urban pretend to be into each other's music, they'll need some guidance.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ned Yost has his priorities straight

Brewers skipper Ned Yost is miffed that CC Sabathia got jobbed out of a no-hitter on Sunday at Pittsburgh. An error in the scorekeeper's judgement left Sabathia one hit away from a no-no. Sunday "was the day it should have been a no hitter," he said. "It takes away from that aspect. The celebration with your teammates, the excitement of the plane ride home, that's all gone. Whatever they call it they missed their opportunity to do it right."

You know what else is exciting on the plane ride home? Gaining ground on the team that's been leading your division for the entire summer.