Friday, February 1, 2008


Here's our weekly list of the most powerful things in sports. Enjoy the big game...
1. Art Monk - Here's to hoping that 81 gets his bust in Canton, vindictive writers be damned... 
"Hey, when you guys let me down, you wanna go kick Peter King's fat ass?"
2. The Puppy Bowl - Less pooping than a night out with Osi Umenyora!!!
3. Lane Kiffin - Thanks for looking Al Davis in his Jewish Granny glasses and saying "Fuck You Old Man"
4. Little Brothers - Smart money is on Eli taking Jordan Palmer under his wing, and showing him the intricacies of looking completely dumbfounded.
5. Taking Monday off...For me, Superbowl 42 is like getting one last go round in with your Ex. You might be pissed about the situation, but tying one on and going for broke still feels good.