Saturday, February 16, 2008

25,000,001 Reasons to Live

I'm not a pro athlete or anything, but I imagine some celebrity hoops MVP hardware would soothe the pain of any colossal playoff failure. TO led some B-listers to victory over some other B-listers in a game that was filled with enough stereotyping to qualify as a pitch for a Wayans brothers project.

Taylor Hicks executing the classic mouth agape head fake. Might want to dish whitey. What? I'm just saying, he's got some gray lettuce.

"That's my friend Stacy. I got her some auditions in Hollywood, but after Charmed ended I had to steal the Sheer Cover infomercial from her. She's pretty cute, huh? If you introduce me to Luke, we could all double."

Balling against insignificant white and asian celebs is fun.

Terry Crews attempts to make amends for doing Soul Plane. Taylor Hicks might be buying it, but I'm sure as hell not.