Friday, January 25, 2008


We couldn't let you go into a weekend sans football without letting you know the most powerful things in the world of sports. Here's our breakdown...

1. Jim Brown: Scolding Tiger for not being angry enough AND KILLING MARTIANS!?! This guy should be Obama's running mate.

"The N-word is not acceptable on this planet, sir."
2. Lawrence Tynes: Thanks for ruining this week, next week and the Superbowl for me.
3. LaDanian Tomlinson: Moving to what many will consider the backside of his career=Better fantasy draft spot for me? (my league scores bonus points for sideline pouting)
4. Vinny Cerato: Proving that someone was taking notes from the Paulie Walnuts School of Style and Management.
5. Mouse will Play to cover 3 SOLID drunks, and 14 hours of Halo 3 against Cat's Away.