Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marko Jaric--2008 NBA Man of the Year

Amid the spectacle of the two week Xanax fest that is the Super Bowl layover, there is sure to be plenty of who's banging who dish. Tom Brady's got Gisele to dress him in effeminate boots, while the big, blue, defecation machine(allegedly) Osi Umenyiora is getting all loose booty on V.S. model Selita Ebanks. Too bad neither of these two "winners" have shit on Marko Jaric. The Minnesota Celtics swing man is shacking up with another V.S. wax er, Adriana Lima.

"Coach, you've got to get a wiff of this pie."

7 and 34 doesn't sound so bad now, huh dildo? Look, anyone playing in the Super Bowl is bound to pull some ass, but to be pulling it on a semi-pro NBA squad and be eastern European? Hell. That's the stuff heroes are made of.


Number 2 said...

Pie, he says. Brilliant.