Friday, January 25, 2008

Deck the halls with balls of Rory

Tiger Woods agitator, and hair gel enthusiast Rory Sabbatini kicked off what should be a pretty nondescript 2008 PGA season this week. Rory's leader board status at the Buick Invitational dropped faster than Bruce Jenner's dignity after marrying into a family of whores, or Botox, or maybe it was a little bit of both. Nonetheless, the little guy couldn't stay in the hunt when he saw Tiger Woods began making the Torrey Pines course his bitch. I know how you feel Rory. In fact I had that same feeling today at the sub shop when some douchey office worker pulled out a list of sandos for every swingin' dick with a cubicle. Unfortunately there's nothing to do except look at the guy or player next to you and let out an "Ah, fuck me."