Friday, January 25, 2008

F.H. Off Topic - Floating Bags: Not as Beautiful As Once Thought

Flaming Homer headquarters received an anonymous tip today that evidentially short films capturing floating garbage bags in the wind are not as beautiful as they were in 1999.
An unidentified man claimed to have captured a two-minute video on his cell phone of a Super America bag that was blowing around a snow bank outside of his workplace. His apparent intention was to email the video to his long time girlfriend as an early Valentine’s Day present.
“(She) just watched it over my shoulder at our computer with this perplexed look and a crinkled up nose. Afterward she left the room without saying anything to me.” he said. “She just didn’t get it. She never gets it.” Adding, “It may have been because one of my work buddies uses the snow bank as a makeshift urinal sometimes, but I’m not sure.”
Ten years ago reported the Floating Bag genre of videos made it to the number one way for someone who thinks deeply to express their own creativity.