Monday, March 10, 2008

Where we're going we don't need roads

So far the 2008 NFL free agency has been overshadowed by Spygate and the fact that Phil McConkey type talent is fetching Jerry Rice type coin. In spite of that it's heartwarming to see a couple of guys with depleted talent get generous contracts from their former teams. Warrick "I've built more houses than Katrina knocked down" Dunn is heading back to Tampa and Trent "I left my equilibrium in Houston" Green has found a home back in St Louis.

This is good for three reasons. One, Cadillac Williams should be on IR by week 4, which should allow Dunn plenty of snaps. Two, Trent Green will be able to see his kids graduate while not being concussed on the bench in St Louis. And three, I got to incorporate Back to the Future into this blog. Great Scott!