Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonight's Pick'em: Sarah got mad game

Brewers over Phillies- This isn't even a fair fight. Carsten Charles has been loading up on cheese steaks for the last 48 hours. He'll have enough carbs to take a victory lap wearing the Liberty Bell as a hat. Brett Meyers get rocked and calls another writer a "retard" during the post game. Boom, outta here. Memo to all Brewers, steer clear of the shitters after the 8th.

Cubs over Dodgers- This is basically a coin flip. Me thinks Big Z pitches well and the Cubs get the bats going. This pick is win-win for me personally. If the Cubs win I'm right. If they lose I get to watch their fans walk to the exits like they just took part in the world's first mass colonoscopy. I think Katie Couric would be pleased.

Biden over Palin- Palin's previous debate experience included a gubernatorial bloodbath between her and two other douche bags, who bickered for 2 hours. She stood off to the side, made some witty comments and never had to prove she had a grasp on the issues. To be honest, I'm hoping Palin falls flat on her face. I'd love to wake up tomorrow and see Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar gang banging Elisabeth Hasselbeck on this issue until she cries. I have to tell myself there's nothing wrong with watching The View to see people get emotionally hurt.